Our Advantage

Our Roasting Advantage:

Fee Fi Fo Flaxseed is roasted. The roasting process gently roasts flaxseed without compromising nutritional value.  

  • Roasting adds a nutty aroma & taste.
  • Roasted whole flaxseed is easy to chew and easily digestible by the body; ready to eat right out of the bag, no need to grind.
  • Roasted flaxseed contains higher nutritional value as the moisture content is reduced to 1%.
  • Roasting, like any heat process, is a great tool for microbial control. Microorganisms like yeast and mold commonly found on raw flaxseed are significantly reduced in roasted flaxseed.

Our Taste & Nutrition:

Our roasted flaxseed tastes great but it is also good for you to eat every day! Fee Fi Fo Flax Golden Roasted Flax combines a nutty aroma, crunchy texture, and valuable nutrition – what more can you expect from a food?

  • Can replace nuts for nut free applications without sacrificing flavour
  • Provides essential fatty acids that must be obtained by foods as our bodies cannot produce them.
  • Most Western diets contain more Omega-6 than Omega-3. Flaxseed helps offset this ratio as it contains 3.5 times as much Omega-3 than 6. 
  • Easy way to increase your fibre intake, as flaxseed adds 4g of fibre for every 2 tbsp consumed.
  • Protein in flaxseed varies from 20-23% and can make an important contribution to overall protein intake for vegans or vegetarians.

The Fee Fi Fo Flax Quality

We start with high quality seed and up to date seed technology, carefully monitor our crop protection, harvest with the most modern technology, and ensure safe storage.

Our flaxseed is double cleaned using the highest cleaning standards to achieve a product which is 99.99% pure – the highest standard in the flax seed industry! Our goal is to provide customers with pure golden coloured seeds cleaned to the highest standards.


Fee Fi Fo Flax is Local

Fee Fi Fo Flax is Canada’s only roasted flaxseed. Seeds are sourced  from farms in the Canadian prairies. Our flaxseed is mostly grown in Saskatchewan and processed in our Regina facility. The pristine cool climate provides ideal conditions for the production and processing of the highest quality flaxseed.

All of our roasted flaxseeds are created in our state of the art facility and we have meticulous quality control over every aspect, giving our customers a superior product every time.

The Best Taste & Aroma

Fee Fi Fo Flax Golden Roasted Flaxseed is roasted to achieve a delicious nutty roasted aroma and crunchy texture while retaining its nutritional properties. We are the only roasted flaxseed on the market and our varieties include; whole seed, milled, and flavoured milled. Just taste the difference!